Welcome to Todott, your secret friend to help you discover the true things to do gems in this amazing city called London. Our aim is to create and build on discovering and sharing all the fun activities, cool events and amazing restaurants to help you and those close to you let your hair down as London can be stressful at best. We want to help you discover places and things to do that actually caters to your tastes and circumstances.

The frustrating thing about a lot of the offerings for what to do can be centre towards Central London and the tourist hotspots. And although there is nothing wrong with that, we want to help you discover things that may be happening in your backyard that you was none the wiser about. It would sure save you a few pound on travel costs.

There are so many amazing experiences to be had, memories to be created in parts of London you have never even heard of. Our goal is to help you discover those sides of London you never knew existed, as well recommend the hotspots that you would usually expect to see on a site like this.

So simply enter the type of event or social situation you intend to embark upon or enjoy our blog posts if direction for what to do is a lost and as Londoners ourself, we look forward to potentially having a great time alongside you. ?

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