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Check out our top list of pizza places in London. East to West London, North to South of the very best that would make the ninja turtle in us overwhelmed with joy.

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like pizza. This is a fact. It’s comforting, satisfying and always hits the spot. Pizza was traditionally a simple food item consisting of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil – to symbolise the colours on Italy’s flag. Today, we like to throw everything but the kitchen sink on it – and this is ok because anything goes and there is no judgement when it comes to pizza. The simple bread base is so welcoming and vast, that it’s the new home for boundless creativity and fun. If you can’t get yourself to the home of pizza itself, Naples, then fear not because we’re delighted to bring you our top ten pizza places closer to home in London.

Voodoo Ray’s (Dalston, Shoreditch & Camden)

Voodoo Ray

Voodoo Ray’s has turned into more than a drunken pitstop for pizza. Although the party vibe still stands with an amazing set of cocktails, great music and lively staff on hand – their pizzas are to be taken seriously. They are thin, light and oh-so moreish. Our choice is the Queen Vegan. 

L’oro di Napoli (South Ealing)

L’oro di Napoli

This quaint little pizzeria is so unassuming that it’s easy to pass. BUT DON’T. Everything about this place is traditional – it’s décor, the wood fire used to cook the pizzas and the owners themselves. Visit L’oro di Napoli if you want a true taste of Naples.

6 The Quadrant, Little Ealing Lane, London W5 4EE

Homeslice (Covent Garden)


It’s got a cool name and it’s based in the ultra cool Neals Yard. It’s pretty perfect. Homeslice is relatively new and have now opened up shops in Fitzrovia and Shoreditch. They serve 20” pizzas whole or by the slice and the atmosphere is relaxed and satisfied.

13 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP

Joe Public (Clapham)

Joe Public

If you’re looking for a California take on an Italian classic (that’s normal, right?), then head down to Joe Public where your pizza will be served using sourdough bread and a whole handful of fresh toppings. Also note their ‘any slice & soda’ deal for £5 between 12-3pm.

4 The Pavement, London SW4 0HY

L’Antica Pizzeria (Hampstead)

L’Antica Pizzeria

The pizzas at L’Antica Pizzeria are smothered in true Italian heritage. They are made in a Neapolitan made wood over (giving the base a crisp finish) and the toppings are balanced and brought out fully with the help of a hand-crushed tomato sauce.

66 Heath St, London NW3 1DN

Franco Manca (Various)

Franco Manca

This place has reached new levels of pizza fandom. Made on a sourdough base, Franco Manca pizzas are simple, fuss-free and so delicious. For any budding pizza makers, every second Monday of every month they hold a pizza making master class in Chiswick for £20.

NY Fold (Soho)

NY Fold

As their name suggests, these guys have brought the New York influence to London. Although they’re based in central, their prices are highly attractive (2 slices for £7.50) and some of their unusual toppings include double cream, fig jam and chopped pistachios.

103 Charing Cross Rd, Soho, London WC2H 0DT 

Crate Brewery (Hackney)

Crate Brewery

We love the DIY style décor and the overall vibe of Crate Brewery. They specialise in the ultimate combination of pizza and beer. Both pizza and beer are made on site and they go by the policy of ‘quality over quantity’ so you know you’re in good hands.

7, The white building, Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN

Made of Dough (Brixton)

Made of Dough

These newbies have been around for just under two years, but they’ve garnered enough praise and attention to make themselves famous in the pizza world. Their ingredients are freshly delivered from all around – Campania, Andalusia and even the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius.

Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims (Various)

Pizza pilgrims really did take a pilgrimage, check out their story here (it includes Google, a red pen and a map of Italy). But more to the point, check out their famous frying pan pizzas.

Written by Nikki

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